Munchies is accepting Applications for the following for our Cumberland, Maryland location

Right now we have many possible openings coming in 2013-14. Please pick only one or two job titles which you are best qualified for. The earliest position that we will have open will be in maintenance.

Along with basic qualifications for the job, ideal candidates never smoke, have working knowledge about health food and love health food. Smoking is incongruent with health.

No Friday Nights, No Saturdays for all postions
Current/Future Openings:
Assistant manager
Junior accountant
Sales clerk
Food prep

Consultants: nutritionist (1-2 hours per week),

personal trainer/nurse ( 1 hour per week consultant),

interior/display designer (consultant 1 hour per week),

photographer (consultant 1-2 hours per week),

artist (paints, pencil, chalk, graphic design etc to create Munchies custom artwork 1-2 hours per week)

To apply complete an application and return it to our mailing address

Click on the following links to download an application:

in MS Word format (editable)
in PDF format (non-fill-in)